The pride and detail we put into our furniture translates into quality you can trust. We make the extra effort to go above and beyond to bring you superior craftsmanship and timeless design. Our purpose-built facility for computer assisted design (CAD) drafting, 3D modeling and prototyping, ensures a seamless transition from concept to manufacture, and our high-end imported machines cut components to precise measurements.

In addition to using local wood in our products, like mahogany, teak, acacia and white cedar, we also import oak, spruce, maple, and other timbers from Europe. We hold large stocks of logs which we saw to specification in our own sawmill, treat for insect and fungus infestation and then kiln dry in our computer-controlled kilns.

All of our non-wood furniture components conform to international standards as well, including fire retardant foam and upholstery, lead-free finishing materials, safety glass, etc. We are a member in good standing of FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association.) For 60 years, FIRA has developed many of the test methods that form the basis of furniture standards worldwide. We work closely with this organization and retain all test samples and written results on file for our customers.

To assure our customers solid, long lasting furniture, we use time-honored construction techniques, including tongue and groove, finger jointing, mortise and tenon, and dovetail joints.

Wood is alive. Even after thorough air and subsequent kiln drying, wood still expands and shrinks according to changes in humidity and temperature. Every aspect of construction on every piece we make anticipates this movement, virtually eliminating the warping, cracking, or splitting which you may have experienced with other manufacturer's products.

For years of trouble-free use, we use only the best quality local and imported brass and stainless steel drawer pulls and knobs, handles, hinges, drawer rails, and other fittings and hardware.

Our products are offered in a wide variety of colors and finishes, including stains, paints, fine to heavy distressing, metal gilding, French polishing, hand-painted motif patterns, hand tooled metal and leather applications and more. We mix and develop colors and finishes in our own on-site facility for application on 3 automated finishing lines which incorporate traditional hand application, adding a warm, human touch to each piece. And we are continuously developing new finishes in our lab so the finish you get on your furniture is limited only by your imagination!

To ensure that your furniture arrives in first rate condition, our standard packaging includes foam sheets and specially made corrugated corner and edge protectors in a hard-carton box. We can also engineer custom packaging on site to suit your particular needs, as well as providing personalized labeling, printing of your logo, and any other specific information you may require, upon your request.